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I think the Birds of Prey were pretty versatile ships in the Star Trek universe (If you are talking about that). Correct me if I am wrong, but they were used as raiders as well as scout force. Even as cruisers.
Exactly. In Star Trek Cannon. The Bird of Prey visual layout was used on ships of many sizes.
There where small 10-30 crew bops like the B'rel that where scout/raider designs...
The K'Vort class has a crew compliment of 1500... that is not a raider.

If we are however going to pick apart canon issues with ships... lets get to the meat and potatoes... The Raptor was designed for Enterprise, the designers based it part of the ILM bop design... and was supposed to look like an early D7. The raptor was designed in Enterprise to have a Crew of 12 and be a scout vessel. It was ONLY ever in ONE episode EVER... and it a Scout vessel.... How that becomes the base for the Current Empires warship fleet is mind boggling. IF I was a canon nerd... it would bother me to no end that Cryptic choose that ship to represent the best in Klingon war tech.... if we are going to go all logical can you imagine this convo. "Hey guys we have this fantastic battle tech we call it Battle cloak that gives us a massive advantage over pretty much everyone else should we install it in our Warships.... NA why do that put it on that junky 200 year old raider." lol
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