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Originally Posted by oldkhemaraa View Post
Though perhapes more along the thought of renagades from the independents.. that would be more of a players roleplay hook though. I'd rather see it open for players to run with on thier own.
Absolutely. It'd just be an independent faction. In terms of character creation, it could have all (or at least most) of the current playable races, plus possibly some new ones. But, say you make a human character. Ok, you're a human, but you're part of the independent or generic faction, so you're not in starfleet whether or not you're a federation citizen.

You're just an independent captain. Maybe for some missions you work with, or work against, the klingons or the federation. But you're not a member of either military. Instead you can roleplay that you're one of any number of things. Maybe you're a merchant, and maybe as a merchant you get into the occasional scrape or maybe do a little less-than-legal dealings. Or you envision yourself as a pirate, or an explorer, or a disillusioned colonist that quit the federation. And you can do the same with any race.

Most of the existing featured episode missions can probably be retooled to fit an independent faction. Several of them are already designed to be cross-faction, it wouldn't be hard to add a third faction to them. If any don't fit your character concept, they're skippable anyway. Exploration cluster missions work, too. Do you think some poor colony in the middle of nowhere cares who comes to their aid?

The pvp-queues and associated missions could be explained away as mercenary work or simply working with (or for) one faction temporarily. If the independents can land on both the faction stations in Eta sector block, then they could grab the missions from either the klingon or fed NPC. Kerrat they can go in on their own and make it a three-way.

And as other people mentioned, having an independent faction would be huge for the foundry authors.