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02-22-2013, 01:00 AM
Originally Posted by dacove View Post
One thing I noticed is with same exact spec on Fed/Kdf Tacs, and same quality/number of corresponding consoles, both at 125 weapon power. Guramba's Javelin does 30k damage but Overloaded Wing Cannons do 20k damage(roughly) with no damage buffs. Javelin doesn't require a console, just have to charge it/use it in Siege Mode, doesn't cause -50 weapon power drain as well. Javelin is also a 1minute CD compared to the 3min CD on Overloaded Wing Cannons, and well, doesn't have a shared CD with other cannon abilities. Pretty easy to choose between which one I'd prefer out of the two.
From what I understand, Javelin does share a CD. Since its a beam attack, it shares its CD with beam boff abilities.

But who puts beams on a Guramba?