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02-22-2013, 01:06 AM
Seeing as they're patching again this morning, let me add some more.

-Fed Azura Mission not doing the Tac optional (put a separate thread with more details)

-Changing characters from Fed to KDF or back again makes the clickable Fleet option under the chat box disappear on both sides. I can still see the Fleet chat and take part if I type /Fleet though. It's resolved by logging out of the game entirely and then back in, but it's still annoying and has happened to both myself and a Fleetmate many times.

-Trying to beam down to Qp'noS: First City often makes me beam to the Shipyards instead, likewise trying to beam to the Shipyards often lands me in the First City. This happens even if I fly my ship over to the Shipard starbase. One time I had to click 'Beam to First City four times before it actually beamed me over there. Four! I just kept reappearing on the Shipyard transporter pad. This is even more annoying than the Fleet tabs completely disappearing. Where my character ends up seems to be nothing more than random chance :S (also someone told me 'everyone knows about it, but nobody reports it.... seems kind of strange to me)

-EDIT: Just been reminded of this one, the Exchange terminals and Bank terminals in the KDF Exchange area on Qo'noS,the larger ones, have a tiny little are that you can actually interact with. Nowehere else I've been has this problem...

At least they got rid of the 2 minute universal cooldown, now I can actually use my cruiser heal boat.
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