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02-22-2013, 01:09 AM
Whilst in theory your suggestion has merit, I'm against it for 1 reason in particular:

Some escorts in this game are cruisers that were re-purposed and pigeon-holed into the escort tree to fill gaps.

Whilst zipping in and out and performing breakneck maneuvers would be awesome for the Defiant, it would look terrible on some of the other escorts. Take the Armitage for example. That thing is huge for an escort, bigger then a lot of cruisers, I just can't see it dashing between enemy targets on strafing runs.

If they could rework escorts into 2 categories, Heavy and Light for example, then you idea could work. Make the small light escorts move and strafe like in your suggestion and let the bigger heavier ones perform like slower moving weapon platforms (pretty much like most escorts do now).