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02-22-2013, 01:49 AM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
It is surprising to see a faction request for "civilian" instead of something more specific like "Ferengi Trader".

Seems like if STO was going to add a non-military faction, it would need to have at least some sort themed faction or alternate gameplay to the ever present space combat of the other factions.
Probably because "Ferengi" would be a bit restrictive.
And...well shady people come from all races not just Ferengi.
The mercenaries from TNG:Gambit come to mind.
They were...non-aligned to use a neutral term, well armed and not really interested in trading except the stuff they stole.

And they had a cool-looking ship on top of that.

it was sleek, menacing and had a nice stealth coating.

Originally Posted by DATA
Starfleet Intelligence confirms that a ship matching this configuration has been linked to raids on several other planets in this sector. For the short time it was within our visual range, we were able to take sensor readings of the mercenary vessel. It appears to be encased in an energy absorbing material. Although we can see the ship, this energy sheath renders it virtually undetectable to our long range sensors.