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One thing I noticed is with same exact spec on Fed/Kdf Tacs, and same quality/number of corresponding consoles, both at 125 weapon power. Guramba's Javelin does 30k damage but Overloaded Wing Cannons do 20k damage(roughly) with no damage buffs. Javelin doesn't require a console, just have to charge it/use it in Siege Mode, doesn't cause -50 weapon power drain as well. Javelin is also a 1minute CD compared to the 3min CD on Overloaded Wing Cannons, and well, doesn't have a shared CD with other cannon abilities. Pretty easy to choose between which one I'd prefer out of the two.
There are also huge drawbacks to the siege mode: you can't use it at all in pvp and if your target gets out of your fire arc then you lose your power and it's on CD, which makes this power useless except in a very limited number of situations. Of course switching between modes takes time too. Your cannon pets will follow you everywhere and will keep firing no matter what happens. Your ship won't stop if you use them. And the kdf ship doesn't have 5 fore weapons.

For this reason (5 fore cannons) this ship is the best tac ship by far in game, even without the consoles. You guys are really never happy, even when an excellent ship is released you want more.

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But who puts beams on a Guramba?
A dual beam bank for overload III to rip shields apart maybe?

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