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Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
I think if it were to get a console set the saucer sep console would have to be one of them.

AMS might be another but uts a t4 so probably not.

Then what about the cloak?

What if instead of a console that grants a power then has a 2 min CD, we get one thats always active?

Something like Plasmonic leech, always on.

Maybe adding a garunteed proc of some kind to boost damage, or debuff defence. Hmmmm an always on APB.... Or built in APD..
Thats just the first version, there are surely many more suggestion to come.

Plasmotic leech, cloak?
I don't think that would be appropriate for the Galaxy Class, at least i can't remember seeing it doing something like that in the shows.
Please don't missunderstand me, i know it's impossible to create a completely accurate Galaxy Class in STO, but i'm trying to make it at least resemble the ship we saw on TV. We saw Cryptic making a really good Vesta interpretation i just refuse to believe/accept the Galaxy has to be a completely different ship as shown anywhere else outside STO.
Cryptic made such a good job in "importing" other ships into their game, but leaving the galaxy a completely different ship is just not fair IMHO.

Please remember my OT suggested console bundle is just a WIP.
I am open for suggestions.

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