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02-22-2013, 03:14 AM
Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
Thats just the first version, there are surely many more suggestion to come.

Plasmotic leech, cloak?
I don't think that would be appropriate for the Galaxy Class, at least i can't remember seeing it doing something like that in the shows.
Please don't missunderstand me, i know it's impossible to create a completely accurate Galaxy Class in STO, but i'm trying to make it at least resemble the ship we saw on TV. We saw Cryptic making a really good Vesta interpretation i just refuse to believe/accept the Galaxy has to be a completely different ship as shown anywhere else outside STO.
Cryptic made such a good job in "importing" other ships into their game, but leaving the galaxy a completely different ship is just not fair IMHO.

Please remember my OT suggested console bundle is just a WIP.
I am open for suggestions.
I didnt mean plasmonic leach literaly, I meant somthing like it. Feds currently don't have an always on console.

And the dread comes with the cloak, Although it wouldn't necessarily have to be included in a bundle.
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