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02-22-2013, 03:38 AM
either as a new faction.. one that could start small and be added to. Or as a new type of player character in each player faction, either has a sub type of the existing classes or as a seperate class of its own.

Either concept is going to take work. The Civilian faction tutorial would be more along the line of how to use those elements unique to the faction, with a very basic overview of civilian game play. Must have a character at level all military factions to unlock... or in other words, the player really needs to all ready know how the game works.

good stuffs, some interesting basic idea's

a more open ended sort of game play.. allow players to play

Work a day spacers in the trek universe to smugglers, to out right pirates, bounty hunters, rebels, outlaws, mercearies and assorted types of..."contractors", scientists, Technical types like engineers. Really just a matter of the "Civilian trades" skill tree having a greater number of skills players can learn, but perhapes not to as high a level... be some work to make sure none of them become op powers or abilities. Got to watch those synergies that sneak into the code.
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