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02-22-2013, 03:59 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Are you guys aware that you can already play this way?
No you can't, not really. I mean, yeah, you can sit there and float in space and tell yourself that you're not really starfleet, and that you're actually a refugee from the mirror universe or a traveling merchant...

But nothing in the game supports that stance. From the doff assignments to featured episodes, pretty much all the content has obvious federation (or klingon) overtones. Almost all the ships are starfleet or KDF, and those that aren't come from a lockbox or the c-store, and are mostly only high-level. The starbases are also very representative of their faction. The klingon base can, maybe, pass as independent. But the fed starbase has this decor that is reminiscent of retirement homes that just screams federation. There's only like 2 "off-duty" uniforms for fed, that aren't some variation of a starfleet uniform. Klingons don't even have that. You have to go to Quinn, or J'mpok, to increase in level.

There would definitely need to be some modifications to make being independent viable.