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02-22-2013, 05:25 AM
Asking the forums their opinion on a new season eh? Open the can! Release the worms!

In all seriousness though, there has been a lot of content added. Season 6 was all about fleet progression. You'll want to visit your fleet's Starbase and Embassy to check out the vendors therein. There is a lot of unique and powerful endgame gear on offer, sold for Fleet Credit. You get Fleet Credit for contributing Fleet Marks and other resources to Starbase and Embassy projects.

Season 7 was mostly about the new sector block, Tau Dewa, and the New Romulus adventure zone. There is a lot of new content out there that rewards marks toward your Romulan reputation. As with fleet advancement, there is a slew of new endgame gear available through the reputation. STF rewards were revamped into Omega Reputation, and some new gear added there. Examples being the Adapted MACO/KHG sets, Mk XII Assimilated set, and the Adapted Borg Technology set. All worth looking into, though the prices are steep and meant to take a while to earn.

Most of the outrage has been in response to Cryptic's attempts to adjust the game's economy, especially as it stood in Season 6. They were seeing essentially an income disparity between the silent majority of players who were having trouble earning anything near their 8k/day dilithium cap, and the experienced/dedicated players who had a host of exploits to make it easy. Dilithium was added to Fleet Actions and the Foundry, rewards for mining doubled, and they have been cracking down wherever they see exploiting. This, naturally, is upsetting those who depended on those exploits to make their cap, be it due to laziness or an honest lack of time to play. Other issues are being raised regarding costs of Fleet projects and reputation gear, and a general strain on the dilithium economy. Flipside of that is that with dilithium in such demand, its value vs. Zen has skyrocketed and you can now buy a lot on the cash shop just by trading your dilithium in.