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02-22-2013, 06:16 AM
Originally Posted by keradim45123 View Post
Will they release the attack ship again?
Most likely especially since they ran these new ships in the lock box.

They have been a chance 'drop' when opening retiring DOF packs from the Zen store on two occasions now. If i were to bet I would guess a new DOF pack hitting around season eight.

So i.e. when they were retiring the Gamma Quadrant DOF packs from the Zen store there was a chance to get the ship when you opened one of those packs during the promotional period. Note that these were the Zen store packs, not the mini packs from the lock boxes (although you could buy the Zen store packs off the exchange; they were going for around 4-6 million when this promotion was on-going).

Notes from the last times they did it (courtesy

Gamma Quadrant Zen Store Pack: 'From June 7-21, 2012 they will add 10 Lobi Crystal and a chance to obtain a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship. They will be discontinued from C-Store after June 21, 2012. '

Reinforcements Zen Store Pack: 'From November 1 through November 15 this pack has an additional bonus item : either 10 Lobi Crystal or the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship. This duty officer pack has been removed from Zen Store and replaced with Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack on the November 21, 2012'

Hope that helps

PS if you didnt know pull some elite scorpion fighters for that dread they're better than the dil store jemmie fighters...that is until you can access T5 Starbae fighter least..that should help make up the lost dps from those attack ships
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