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02-22-2013, 06:28 AM
Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
Well we also don't know if it's actuasly broken, (at least I don't) or if it was intended.

And if it is broken, we don't know how difficult the fix is. It may seem simple from the outside but maybe on the coding side its more complicated. I personaly have no idea how their system handles such things, or how such things are interconnected. It could be the error is coming from somewhere else entirely and just hasn't been found yet.

And as for not letting us in on the time tables..... we used to have engineering reports, and it was just used as ammunition by whiney people to point out how unjust the world was that the feature they wanted wasn't in game yet even though it had been in so many reports.

Frankly with the way most people treat the devs I'm suprised they talk to us at all.

Well obviously it was broken and the fix wasnt quite that difficult and known. Otherwise they wouldnt have pulled the servers down again in less than 24 hours to patch it. They did a decent job catching this thing before it got out of hand as it did with last weeks butchering of a patch.

Maybe you should read your own sig and use it as advice for yourself and comprehend what was written before you run off that ball washer of yours, FFS. I said I wasnt complaining about the downtime as they were quickly fixing a mistake. Their track record indicates they usually wait a week (sometimes more) to fix these kinds of things.