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02-22-2013, 06:57 AM
The whole issue of rewards needs to be addressed.

In all missions there should be 3 scores: Damage, Healing (self and others) and threat generated.

The top mission reward should go to each of the three players who score top on each one (and yes someone could come top on two or even three counts, unlikely, but if you carry the match single handed, then why not be rewarded for it).

Anyone who does not generate a minimum amount of score in any one of the three (say 5 percent of the total, for a 5 player game, 1% for a 20) gets nothing.

And why:
Cruisers and Scis are no longer competing with Escorts for the top prize.
AFKers get nerfed forever.

Is it not that simple or am I missing something?
"The best thing that can be said about any nerf is that it is an admission of incompetence."
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"Adjusting difficulty to metrics also nerfs 'skill creep', and you wonder why people quit?"