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02-22-2013, 06:57 AM
Originally Posted by kirimuffin View Post
I get angry about this game a lot, but that's because I like it a lot. If I didn't enjoy it, didn't feel a strong attachment to it, I wouldn't care enough to get angry at it.

So yes, thank you for making a game I deeply care about. In the world of MMOs (especially F2P MMOs), that's rare.
I totally agree with "Thank you for making a game that I deeply care about."

But otherwise, I would say that I get frustrated, not angry. Which is why I'm glad that I can click on "skip" on certain episodes. Especially those that turn out to be really really hard for someone as near-sighted as I am and with depth-perception problems like I have (shuttle-sized ships that are really hard to see where they are in relation to the inside of the Vault or dipping in and around DS9's exterior). I wish there were optional (not easier) missions/episodes for folks like me. And I wish that some Foundry missions hadn't been "improved" to make them more difficult. Not all of us are elite-level players. I'm a normal-level player myself and that's hard enough for me. Maybe someday I'll see what elite-level is like, but not yet. I want to enjoy the game, not be overwhelmed by it to the point I permanently give up on it.

I'm also glad the website and related websites like STO Wiki and STO Academy are up and running during the times when I can't log on to the game itself (like yesterday and today, for instance). Learning alot of things about STO that I haven't known since starting as an STO user last September (I've been a Star Trek fan since I was a kid in the 1970s, but never an MMORPG user before last year). In the meantime, I have to remind myself to be patient: I will be back in the game once the technical issues have been taken care of and I will be just as addicted to the game as ever. I also keep wishing the "galaxy" in the game were twice as large or ten times as large. More patience. The "galaxy" will keep growing. Just not as fast as I wish it could.

Sorry for all the babbling. It's what happens when I think aloud.