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02-22-2013, 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
How else are they to suck your dil dry, so that you spend real money on Zen, rather than dil?
Please explain to me how Zen come to be in the Dilithium Exchange? Someone with more money then time spend REAL money to get the results of your investment of time.

I do not think that Cryptic cares about the exchange rate at the Dilithium Exchange. The moment someone buys Zen-points is the moment that Cryptic/PWE has your money. What happens with the Zen points after that point is of no particular interests for Cryptic/PWE.

What I do think that they did not think things through. I have no problems getting my greedy hands on Dilithium Ore. I just can not convert more then 8000 dilithium Ore each day. At the same time there is an increasing amount of things that require me to put in Dilithium - our fleet leader warned us that sometime soon we get a fleet project that will require 1.900.000 dilithium.

Some other stuff can do without, for instance the ability to exchange 5 doffs into a higher ranking one.

Other stuff I want/need to be able to do my own share in various PVE missions. Most of that stuff I already got before the launch of the reputation system, but a few pieces were not available before. I got most of that stuff now.

I also noticed that my interest in playing Star Trek Online is waning as the amount of grinding just to grind increases. As my desire to play Star Trek Online decreases so does my willingness to spend cash.