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# 1 Armitage build help
02-22-2013, 07:39 AM
Just looking for suggestions on an Armitage build. I'm about to hit Omega Tier 5 and want some suggestions on how to tweak my setup right now with some of the equipment I'll have available, mainly for PVE right now.

Upfront I've got:
2x Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons dmg x2
1x Phaser Dual Beam Bank crtd dmg
1x Elite Fleet Quantum Torpedo

In the back:
2x Phaser Turrets dmg x2
1x Elite Fleet Quantum Torpedo

Science: Emitter Array and Shield Amplifier (blue quality)
Eng: EPS Flow Regulator and 2x Neutromium Alloys
Tac: Torpedo Defense System, 2x Phaser Relays (blue), 1x Zero Point Quantum (blue)

Full Breen set.

Delta Flyers in the hangar

Cmdr Tac: Torpedo Spread 1, Torpedo HY2, CSV2, Attack Pattern Omega 3
Lt Tac: Tac Team 1, Torpedo Spread 2
Ens Tac: Beam Overload 1
Lt Sci: Tractor Beam 1, Science Team 2
LtC Eng: EPtS1, Eng Team 2, EPtS3