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to expand on the above

there are 4 two-hangar crariers - the atrox, jem'hadar dread, vo'quv and kar'fi

#5: Recluse.

Recluse is a fascinating special case because it starts with really REALLY high hull and shield strength, and then gives you a universal commander station. Which I think is actually unique to the Recluse. You have a lot of latitude in choosing this ship's role. I've played it as torpedo support (tactical in universal) with the utterly devastating Thermionic Torpedo. I've played it as a super--heavy cruiser (engineer in universal), in which role it can keep the team alive like no other. I've played it as a brutal drainboat (science in universal) that can go toe to toe with gateways and laugh at them. Heck, bring along some spare officers and swap out your commander mid-mission to adjust to team composition or tactical situation!