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Originally Posted by brigonos1 View Post
I always thought of the Federation as the government and Starfleet as the military of that government.
It's foggy, to say the least.

The Federation is basically a U.N. in Space, with members including Earth, Andoria, Vulcan, etc. Logically, Starfleet would then be something more like N.A.T.O., being a combination of all the militaries of those member states ... except that Starfleet is an Earth-based, and clearly Human-centric organization. Federation member species can join, and even rise to command and admiralty, but it's completely based on Earth and heavily filled with Human officers and enlisted personnel, compared to those other races.

Picard even talks about "humanity" and "Starfleet" as though they were interchangeable sometimes, and when talking about Starfleet history, they speak mostly about Earth.

Again, they never really explain what Starfleet is to the Federation -- it could be the official, mutli-national military branch of the same government, or Earth's entry into the N.A.T.O.-like united military force of the Federation.

If it's the latter, then Andorian and Vulcan ships, as well as any other ships belonging to Federation member species, would also have UFP text on their hull, just as Starfleet ships do. If it's the former, then there should be Starfleet academies and headquarters on other planets, but we see no evidence of this.

Still, you never see the Starfleet Delta symbol on anything Federation, just exclusively on Starfleet ships and personnel. My own belief is that Starfleet is, essentially, the Earth government, and it just pulls the weight of the entire Federation while other species decide to basically kick back and mind meld or ushaan or whatever they feel like.

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