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02-22-2013, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by keradim45123 View Post
Will they release the attack ship again?
Possibly. The ship has never been available in any standard lockbox format. It was a winter's day prize last year, and after that it was used to promote Gamma Quadrant Officer pack sales.

Originally Posted by baudl View Post
...a fair bit? with 150 dollars you can buy 3 from the exchange actually...50-60 keys (little over 6000 zen) is about 70+ million EC...which is the price for one.
I got my JH Dread for free... played fleet actions, sold drops, saved 95mil EC, bought dread for 70mil 2 days ago. Still sitting in the box too. Didn't happen overnight, but it was still rewarding to earn one without spending a dime.