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02-22-2013, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by arcademaster View Post
Hm, to be honest I would change almost everything about that build. Might be differing playstyles though, so...

1. Use either 3 DHCs and Torp or 2 DHCs + 2 Torps, get rid of the Beams.

3. Tac Consoles: 4 Phaser Relays. The torp and armitage console aren't worth it.

4. Best hangar pets by a mile are Elite Scorpion Fighters from Romulan Reputation T5, try to work your way towards those.

8. Any set is better than the breen set. I suggest Omega Deflector + Engine for the 2 piece set bonus and MACO shield or if you have access to them, Elite Fleet Shields.

Well those are at least my suggestions. I'm not saying it's the absolute best but it works very well for me. I'm flying a fleet armitage with roughly the setup you'd get if you realize all those suggestions. It's tanky as hell and does great damage.
Personal observations:

1) If going dual torps, then 1 torp console is absolutely worth it. However, you'll need 3x PWOs (preferably purple) in addition.

2) Advanced Peregrines are much easier to acquire than Elite Scorps, and do reasonable damage. They don't have the HYT:1 that Elite Scorps do, but you can get them without needing T5 Romulan Rep.

3) If going 2x torpedoes, get at least 2 pieces of the Adapted MACO set (I personally run with the Engines and Shield with either a MKXII MACO or Borg deflector). It's basically a free torpedo console on top of very respectable defensive capability (not quite as good as stock MACO, but still quite effective at keeping you alive).