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Hey all!

After some extensive trials with the new Andorian 3 pack ships yesterday. Even though I was battling the healing and shield bug. I managed to get some good data about the ships themselves and their consoles.

Phasers. The Andorian ships are based around phaser damage. Even though there are three consoles and one weapon. All the special abilities you get with the consoles are based on having the wing cannons equipped.

With the advent of recent rumors of the elite fleet weapons being phaser. The prices for high level phaser relay consoles have gone through the roof. So if you are in the position to refit the ship with brand new fleet phasers and dump a lot of ec into the phaser consoles, you are one of the lucky few.

What concerns me the most about this pack is. It doesn't live up to the hype. The abilities mechanics are cumbersome and gimmicky. They share a cooldown with all your bridge officer abilities and in no way shape or form do the same damage, as lets say rapid fire 2.

After parsing the data for the whole day on the dps of the new boats some numbers came up startlingly low. The wing cannon platforms are absolutely useless. They do a couple of hundred damage over the course of one STF. Based off other pets in the game, for example the JHAS wings or the elite scorps, they do about 1/5th of the damage.

I spent $50 on this pack. Because I felt that with this pack, Crytpic, would finally put escorts back on top for overall damage. But this is not the case. The Ships fall way short of the Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier. And the JH Dreadnaught with 4 wings of scorps, the polaron set, and the right power management doffs is doing almost twice the damage.

I have to say I'm left a little winded and dejected. And I honestly wish I never bought the pack. But I guess I will put it down to a lesson on not believing the hype.

Carriers win this battle.