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02-22-2013, 09:47 AM
Quantum torpedoes with projectile specialization maxed are devastating to Borg. I use three fleet advanced launchers fore, and three aft - alongside 3 purple projectile Doffs, 2 pieces of Adapted Maco for the 25% dmg bonus, and 5 30% Zero Point Quantum Chambers.

With this setup, you'll fire about a torpedo per second, which will do 8,000 dmg before any buffs. Fully buffed, they're over 17,300 dmg for me. That much raw kinetic damage can bash through shields almost as well as any cannon setup. You'll have a torp: high yield that does 50k damage, and if you use a pair of them, you can fire it stacked or every 15 seconds.

A projectile specialist with quantums is probably the best hull-killer in game atm.