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02-22-2013, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by arcademaster View Post
Ah yes I forgot to mention the Doffs. They are required for a 2 Torp build. I'm still not convinced a torp console is worth it, I did a bit of testing and it didn't seem to improve the bottom line. But I should revisit that topic and check it out more. I once tried a 2 torp build with 4 quantum torp consoles and the damage was shockingly awful. Not sure I ever actually tested with 1 torp console or if I extrapolated from that experience.
The 2x Torp, 2x DHC build is fundamentally a hybrid construct. Going all out on either energy or torpedo damage is going to, by definition, weaken the other part. If you balance it however, you can quite easily achieve very scary numbers. Across the board

A 3x energy console / 2x torp console (1 coming from the 2-piece adapted maco) build will sacrifice a bit of cannon output (fully tac buffed I can sit in the low to mid 4k range reliably), but the synergy between the two damage types, and PWO doffs is insane. My personal best crit off of a single buffed photon is (so far anyway) 59.3k damage (of note there were two APB stacks on the target at the time, so it's not a surefire thing in most situations). When you're slinging those out every 1.5 seconds, on top of two DHCs blazing away...well you get the picture.

Also of note, because you've got one less DHC you've got less power drain to worry about. This means you have a bitmore leeway in terms of power distribution (do I go all out for weapons power? Maybe toss a little more into the shields for better shield resists? Maybe a smidge to engines to help with speed/defense?)