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02-22-2013, 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by lincolninspace View Post
I am afraid to ask what "snowed out" means in hippie slang . I enjoyed the episode overall as usual and thought the dilaogue on custom interiors was very interesting. I look forward to the next episode. Any chance that custom npcs could be a topic? What missions make the best use of them? Which missions have the coolest custom aliens? What NPCs and costumes you would like to see in game? etc.
Snowed out as in literally snowed out. Big old storm where some of us live. We also started our recording session about 15 minutes late cause I had to drive home at about 3 miles per hour to make it safely.

We can certainly talk about custom NPCs, we all use them, after all. In my contest entry I'm working on now I actually maxed out the number of custom costumes you can have. First time I've ever done that
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