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02-22-2013, 09:23 AM
I want to buy this pack too, I have the Zen waiting but I see little feedback on what if anything is going to be done.

Also I find it interesting that there is not a massive rage about this and put it down to the fact that not many have sold and I warrant a helluva lot less than Cryptic expected.

Had they released it on Tribble for a couple of weeks first we could have ironed out all those bugs and got it working brilliantly, perhaps a select group of players could work with the systems designers to ensure it was exactly what would be required to sell whilst not being impossibly OP or ludicrously crippled, the latter case being the version we see now.

As it stands now I will not buy until it is sorted and the current owners are happy. Today alone I have slaughtered at least 5 of these ships in PvP, alone, in my Aquarius whilst taking little damage, not hard when all you have to do is stay behind them and their wing cannons, and only one had them deployed seemed to do no obvious damage at all.

Such a shame this was bugged, clearly the ships are built and never tested. It goes back at least to the Armitage which I bought and could not enter STFs in.

Will be watching, reading and hoping.

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