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02-22-2013, 09:38 AM
Adm. Sills, my main alter ego, started on the Science track, so his ships have been named after famous scientists - the Turing, the Mendeleev, the Babbage, and so forth. His current ship is an Odyssey-class, the USS Hans Asperger.

Capt. Sajak came up through Tactical, so his ships are named after military SF authors - the Haldeman, the David Drake, and such. Currently, he's flying the Defiant-class USS John Ringo. (His final ship will be named the USS Pournelle.) His one variation from this was his Ambassador-class ship, the Sarek.

Capt. T'Song's ship reflect her Vulcan heritage - the Vulcan's Forge, the T'Planahath, and the S'harien (it seemed appropriate that a warship commanded by a Vulcan be named for Vulcan's most famous pre-Sundering swordsmith). Her current ship is the long-range science vessel USS T'Pau.