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The Yo-Yo tactic is at the heart of the problem. It allows an escort to keep in motion and therefore keep thier high defense value in play.

If you decrease thier shields/hull points but increase thier defense for moving then the Yo-Yo tactic will only work better for them defensively, even if they are weaker and will take more damage when finally hit.

Do all that and give them even more damage capability will just increase the imbalance.

My 2 ec for what its worth
The yo-yo tactic is completely useless when anything within range can tractor it at will. Escorts already suffer from lack of tractor breaking BOFF skill slots and to further decrease their hull and shields will make them more of a liability to fly than they already are. They wanna make my day (Cryptic), let them gift escorts with an inherent ECM ability to go with that maneuveribility to help ensure that tractor-mine spawning healboat cruisers they're trying to kill arent able to tractor it 100% of the time it's in range. I LIKE tanking in my escort because I cant stand the gutless wonders Cryptic made of most cruisers.
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