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02-22-2013, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by crashdragon View Post
FED- T5 Excelsior <3 LOVE HER! <3

KDF - Breen Cruiser. She ugly to a point where shes AWESOME!!

But seriously it would be quite corking and oh so nice if my Gorn could, I dunno,...................hijack a Excelsior using Marauding...............maybe tractor someone else's Excelsior over the FED/KDF Zone border.

Have a word with the Tholians.

I'D LOOK AFTER IT!!!! I swear. =3
I'd be fun to be able to steal (or win from a PvP battle) other people's ships (only 20 hours maximum, then it would be their's again.) Take it on a joy ride around the Galaxy, paint graffiti inside of it and paint the outside PINK. Have a crazy party inside. Then when they found it, they'd have to take it back to spacedock clean it up for about 7K EC or something...