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02-22-2013, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by mandoknight89 View Post
I'm pretty sure that the difficulty of correctly resolving any given bug increases dramatically with the complexity of the program it's buried in, and the number of found bugs increases with the size of the active user base.

In other words, if they only worked on quashing all the bugs, the forums would be up in arms about how there was no new quality content... because it would take long enough for them to exterminate them all that development of new content would be very obviously stalled.
Why would they have to only work on fixing bugs? They should do a better job with fixing bugs wile still adding new stuff. It is not impossible to do both because you have a team that works on fixing bugs and other teams for other stuff.

The Tholian Red Alert was bugged from the start why was it not fixed quickly? Why is it still not fixed? Many people have complained about it and their are still those that do. You need to ask yourself do they care about the game? The obvious answer is no they do not all they care about is things that are directly tied to making money just look at the Andorian ship that was bugged and is quickly fixed.

They need to fix bugs better this is undeniable.