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Originally Posted by satinavian View Post
Yes, the Reman set is not really useful.

If you only could have its look and use another set for the numbers...
You are quite wrong. They have different abilities that impact the way a player plays the game. People really need to shake the concept that 'there can only be one' as being the best overall.

Having tried 'everything', the addition of Romulan and Reman tech, and the revised OMEGA sets prompted me to try a Plasma Tank build around Engineer and a tactical Odyssey. Yes it was expensive.

Plasma and experimental plasma weapons aside, the Reman XII set comes with 2 bonuses that work well together and stand out.

The first is increased speed and damage for HY plasma torpedo. For a tank this is a decent upgrade on already OP hyper-plasma & OMEGA torpedoes. Plasma torpedo's - other than those used for AOE attacks - don't hit with the same frequency in group combat as other torp's simply due to their speed. Stationary targets are not included in that comment.

The second is the Capacitance passive ability for Reman shields. Approximately 1 in 10 hits to your shields will trigger both and increase in shield capacity AND the energy available to sustain it. This stacks up to 10x, and each capacity increase lasts for 60 seconds. During intense combat with multiple larger targets (Fleet Starbase Defense for eg), my shields jump from 9500 per facing to over 15000. I have seen as high at 17000 with my oddy transformed into a bright green Easter Egg. The CD is tied to the last capacitance dropping, and lasts 1 min.

Add reputation shield passives and wow - shields that are better for tanking than MACO.

While not perfect and lacking MACO's abilities, the Capacitance passive makes for a very survivable tank. Is it for everyone? Heck no. I would not be comfortable trying it on an tac escort, but for engineering and science vessels, yes I would be.

For the record my engineering captained plasma tank puts out a base 3900 DPS from 5 beam arrays alone. Adding plasma flux and other boff abilities, this jumps to 5800 DPS. The additional damage from the forward torpedo of base 1500 dps (yes, I know it's higher) makes for an effective tank.

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