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02-22-2013, 10:38 AM
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Cannon over load: 4 sec charge + 15 sec global cooldown(cannon RF+SV) + 3 min cooldown is inferior to alpha strike with BO3 which has a much quicker recharge time.
13k additional phaser damage on top of the BO3 alpha strike is nothing to sneeze at. Using BO3 alone may have a quicker recharge time, but it does not have nearly the punch to quick-kill a fully buffed cruiser. I don't recall Cannon Overload draining weapon power either, but I'll confirm this when I get home.

Originally Posted by astrospider View Post
Also this discussion was about stf dps. Pvp dps is situational and obviously completely different.
High damage alpha strikes are still very useful against big ESTF targets like tac cubes and Negh'Vars. More DPS never hurts