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Just realized that there's some more info I need.

The "Station Specifications" Page on the Horizon site mentions several different fighter types. Can I have some stat pages for each of these fighters, and maybe an image of what each one looks like? I'd like to know what the existing fighters are capable of before I decide whether to make a special prototype for my character to pilot or not. (If I do make such a special prototype, it will be based either on the VF-25 Messiah from Macross Frontier [including Transformation abilities and Equipment Packs] or the F/A-18E Super Hornet)

And I am definitely considering joining, and doing so with an AU version of my STO Main, Takeshi Yamato (Because I'm sort of under the impression that the Starfleet of Borderlands is still allied with the Klingons, and STO has the two groups at war).

That link is the picture of the Valkyrie fighter.

And that one is the Banzai.

If you can't see or get to those link's I will do my best to provide you some pics. As to the specs of them there's only one and that's for the Banzai. All I can do is download it so I can't give you the link.

As to the Klingon-Federation deal, since all the DS's are located in the DQ I'm pretty sure there is an alliance in AQ and BQ. All I really know is that since Borderlands has been around since the early 90's we don't really follow STO.

Hope that info helps at all. Keep up with the questions ladies and gents and spread the word. We're always looking for awesome writers and players.