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There are also huge drawbacks to the siege mode: you can't use it at all in pvp and if your target gets out of your fire arc then you lose your power and it's on CD, which makes this power useless except in a very limited number of situations. Of course switching between modes takes time too. Your cannon pets will follow you everywhere and will keep firing no matter what happens. Your ship won't stop if you use them. And the kdf ship doesn't have 5 fore weapons.

For this reason (5 fore cannons) this ship is the best tac ship by far in game, even without the consoles. You guys are really never happy, even when an excellent ship is released you want more.
It's not that I am not happy with the ship itself, I am happy with the ship itself, but the consoles are underpowered. My original comparison was the Overload console alone vs Guramba's Javelin alone. You don't give up anything at all by having Siege Mode/Javelin on the Guramba, it's just there. As far as the pets, they die relatively easily, and are also a 3m cd. Which brings up another point. You call the pets, 30 seconds later, pets die, 2.5m before you can call them back out again. Which totally ruins the 3 set bonus right there for 2.5m plus that particular console til it is off CD again. What really ruins all these consoles though is that Overload/Tachyon Induction both start CDs on cannon abilities. You can't really chain the two either since Overload has a 4 second charge up time giving plenty of time for your target to get it's shields back up.