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02-22-2013, 12:00 PM
Investigations so far point to problems with individual build pieces as the culprits. I have confirmed that Building Block Ramp 40x40x80 01 is not taking pathing information. I'll keep looking at the platforms to see if I can get a repro.
I tested my other map, and had no problems, it does not used those ramps mentioned in the other thread. However, the mission i am having the issue with uses Building Block Ramp 40x40x80 03, not 01. Also, the only other "building" pieces i use in this, that are not used in the mission i juss tested successfully are:

Building Block Wall 50x20x2 02
Building Block Platform 40x40 02
Building Block Platform 500x500 02 (used for roofs tho, so dont think itd be this one)
Building Block 40x40x40 03

So these might also need to be checked along with ramp 03