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02-22-2013, 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by scififan78 View Post
I would like to see an expansion of the ship "classes."

Cruisers - Eng
Destroyers - Eng/Tac hybrid
Escorts - Tac
Scouts - Tac/Sci hybrid
Science - Sci
Support - Sci/Eng hybrid

With the Vet ships and a lesser extent the Steamrunner, they have scratched the suface of the destroyers
You're forgetting about the Chel'gret and the Tor'kaht. Those two ships are destroyers (look at their maneuverability and tactical ability ,both of those are too high for battlecruisers, but too low for escorts, and their hull is too high for an escort), if not by name, then at least by theory.

The only problem with your class change-up is that the destroyer name has already been taken by the Nausicaan Scourge Destroyer. Which is basically a slightly modified Patrol Escort (but a NASTY ship, I don't know why I don't see more of them).

Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
The yo-yo tactic is completely useless when anything within range can tractor it at will. Escorts already suffer from lack of tractor breaking BOFF skill slots and to further decrease their hull and shields will make them more of a liability to fly than they already are. They wanna make my day (Cryptic), let them gift escorts with an inherent ECM ability to go with that maneuveribility to help ensure that tractor-mine spawning healboat cruisers they're trying to kill arent able to tractor it 100% of the time it's in range. I LIKE tanking in my escort because I cant stand the gutless wonders Cryptic made of most cruisers.
Tractor beam breaking BOff skills... yeeeeah in PvP when I try to tractor an escort, nine times out of ten they simply hit PH and keep on walking... even if I "tractor mine spam" in my heal-boat cruiser.

And I beg to differ on your ending statement. Cruisers are not "gutless wonders", they are "toothless whales". Big difference. My cruiser can stand ballz deep in a FUBAR situation and give no craps, whilst most of my escorts would usually have to get the hell out of dodge. Gutless? No. Toothless? Alas yes...
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