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02-22-2013, 01:22 PM
jepp... guess you're right .... this point... and if it takes some time ... thx for the hint, but sometimes bumpin seems more like sports to me in here, not like a no-no ...
but, you know the price is absolutely negotiable? just think of it as a bazaar...
you want an easy start for you and your mates and don't care about ec? here's an opportunity.

... so given that 35m would be a "serious offer" i'd answer that with...
probably something below 200m and above 35m.... offer, counter-offer and so on... deal or no deal.

some things to state again: it has 85 ship-provisions ready, t3 shipyard within a bit over 2 week-range, gives a starting fleet almost the ability to buy advanced fleet weaps, indeed already is more a t2 than anything...

edit: build t2 starbase (project available), finish t2 fab (slotted and ca. 1/3-1/2 filled), build t2 science (10-14 days), as already stated: go to shipyard t3 within 17 days and enjoy your t3 starbase-project... possibly reachable within about 3 weeks...

one thing for sure: i put much effort in this and done all by myself (so i've a lil clue what amount of time and also some money that have been).
35m for this base in it's state really not covers that effort... so, i won't force you to buy it, nor to post in here ...

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