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This is a Idea....

Make a Part of the foundry available for the inventing of New Weapons, Systems, Ships, And Even maybe a place in the Universe for our Alien Races to call their own.... allong with a small arsenal of ships and tech for them.... and also adds on to each factions power if said race wants.

For instance my race I made my char, Zavren, are a Race of Aliens who do not like war, their counter systems and shields systems, along with engines, are more developed...

You could make ships that look diffrent from all others, along with makeing Episodes or Foundry missions around them allowing for expatiation, and even more options to chose from, allong with the inventing players royalties they get 10% of sells from any of their items sold.... this way even basic players could make a weapon or ship and make a profit for things that are normally out of their grasp.

Also it may be nice to have a place to call home ^_^ like your own system and world.