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Hello STO community,

Has anyone experienced a less than satisfactory customer service from Cryptic's support/customer relations team? Things such as no response to some of your tickets, or responses that direct you/"pawn you off" to the forums with NO specific area to search under for your issue? How about NO clear indication or explaination to why they made a certain decision that concerns you? Perhaps when when you do get a response, is it vague and does not answer your issue or inquiry? Or here's an extreme, have you ever been THREATENED by cryptic that you will punished for attempting to demand clarification from them on a previous vague and unclear response? Or maybe someone has other 'unique' issues.

I had requested help on issues of how to gain admin proviledges on a player made channel, it was just a simple question. The unfortunate situation was where the creator of the private channel left the game due to real life reasons and myself and friends want to manage it in his absence. The response I received, was basically a link to goto the forums and that was it. No one actually wrote me back with a brief but clear response to my concern. You don't feel that sense, that someone took the time make that individual connection to you to make your issue seem relevant to them, basics of customer service, which I've been doing over 10 years.

If no one 'minds', would you care to share your experiences on this issue?

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