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02-22-2013, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by cptvanor View Post
No I didn't say that. Perhaps you should try reading what's said, and stop assuming things?

That's because most people don't have a clue what's involved in bug fixing or programing. I do and as such I actually know what I'm talking about.

How long it takes to fix a bug has everything to do with how long they can replicate the bug and then track down what is needed to fix it. If they can't replicate the bug on their test systems they'll never be able to fix it. Even if they can replicate it, they have to have the man hours to dig though the code and find it, and then find a way to fix it without breaking something else.

There's been more then one case that in the attempt to fix an nuisance bug, dev's break the whole game. What would you rather have, a nuisance or the game shut down for a day?

You all act as if STO is somehow different then every MMO out there. Every MMO including WoW still have bugs that are years old for various reasons. The bugs in STO are still there for the same reasons the ones in WoW, LotRO, and every other MMO are still there.
You said "There is no reasonable amount of time to fix a bug" that sounds like someone that thinks is is acceptable for bugs to be present for years and still sound like someone who has no problem with it.

Their was Dominion missions with mission completion major bugs that had been present for for a long time and I find it funny that they seem to of been fixed a short time before they made the MK XII sets in the Lobi store. That shows me they did not care about those bugs until it effected their ability to make money with new improved version of those mission rewards.

A lot of MMO games care less about quality of games and allowing bugs to be present and instead focus on money. I have played a lot of PC games you buy in the store that had some bugs and they did not take as long to fix as bugs this game has because they cared about their games and fixing bugs even very minor ones that a very small percentage of people had. I know some bugs can be harder to fix then others but their is no reason for any bugs to take years to fix and no reason for major bugs that a lot of people experienced to take many months and longer to fix.