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02-22-2013, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Best way to burn the Borg? Burn the bloody Borg! Romulan Hyper Plasma torp with 3 purple PWO. Even with no Ambiplasma Envelopes, I can reliably do about 3k per torp with a 300 per tick plasma burn that can stack up to 15 times, constantly having it's stacks refreshed by new arrivals. Even only doing a tiny amount of shield damage (300 per hit, like a turret), and only having 25% bleedthrough damage (which is 750 per torp, kinda sad), that massive plasma burn does the rest, giving me almost constant 3-4k damage per tick. Add in the zero point energy conduit and borg assimilated module, and all of a sudden you're critting with both the torp and the burn... AND your torps go faster (courtesy of the romulan 2 piece bonus). And once their shields go down... well... let's just say that melting metal never smelled so good.

Best part is, you can run this setup with maxed out shield power and high aux for when you draw aggro.
Just going to point out that plasma burns don't refresh the entire stack. If they did, STF Borg would be even more cheesily annoying to fight than they already are.