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Originally Posted by srgtburglar View Post
U.S.S Gorn In 60 Seconds
Hah! That's epic.

I have a Fleet Patrol Escort named the USS Valkyrie (I figured a fitting name, I wanted something warrior-like).
I have a Fleet Assault Cruiser named the USS Sentinel (for the reason that Sentinels are suppose to be strong and supporting, and I wanted something to reflect that).
I have a Support Cruiser (Ambassador) named the USS Red October (I've always liked this name for some odd reason; first heard it on a film (something to do with a submarine) and for some reason or other, I've always applied it to Ambassador Class Starships).

I also have a Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser named the USS Ghemor (in honour of Tekeny Ghemor from DS9).
I have a Breen Chel Grett Class Cruiser named the USS Ushaan (because I have an Andorian Captain and figured it a good name in recognition of the Andorian tradition.
I have a Jem'Hadar Escort Carrier that I've named the USS Taran'atar (after the first Jem Hadar sent by Odo to learn the way of the Solids).

These are all on my main FED toon. I also have a secondary FED toon and a single KDF toon, though I can't for the life of me remember the shipnames for those two.