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02-22-2013, 02:01 PM
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You know, I used to make this excuse when I was getting blowback after deliberately provoking people. Then I manned up and admitted to myself the problem was my rudeness.

This didnt stop me. But the self awareness did set me free and I'm much better at being a snarky person for it.
I never made that excuse. I was just letting someone know that their ideas were garbage. They refused to see the logical PoV, and as such, were verbally chastised by myself. Then a mod decided I was being a troll and flaming that person, and as such, I was temp banned.

Now I have returned, and the funny part is I still think that said person is an idiot. But alas, I must be more careful, or I cannot post on these wonderful forums evermore...

oh wells XD.
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