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# 1 New to the game
02-22-2013, 02:02 PM
I made my way up to level 24 on the federation side to unlock the KDF.

Now that I am here, I see how unfinished this faction truely is. Wow no wonder STO failed and went free to play if this is how they release expansions.

Doesn't give me much hope for Neverwinter being made by the same dev team.

Copy and paste 3rd anniversary missions, I mean why would a KDF want to help a federation member to kill more KDF people ?

As well as releasing more ships on the store for the feds and none for the KDF.

I certainly glad I am not paying a subscription for this game as its a shambles with the bridge officer bug and the lack of thought for other factions other than the federation.

Will play through the missions and episodes though just to finish the story. After that there wont be much point in sticking around.