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Originally Posted by ddesjardins View Post
You are quite wrong. They have different abilities that impact the way a player plays the game. People really need to shake the concept that 'there can only be one' as being the best overall.

Plasma and experimental plasma weapons aside, the Reman XII set comes with 2 bonuses that work well together and stand out.
The second is the Capacitance passive ability for Reman shields. Approximately 1 in 10 hits to your shields will trigger both and increase in shield capacity AND the energy available to sustain it. This stacks up to 10x, and each capacity increase lasts for 60 seconds. During intense combat with multiple larger targets (Fleet Starbase Defense for eg), my shields jump from 9500 per facing to over 15000. I have seen as high at 17000 with my oddy transformed into a bright green Easter Egg. The CD is tied to the last capacitance dropping, and lasts 1 min.

Add reputation shield passives and wow - shields that are better for tanking than MACO.

While not perfect and lacking MACO's abilities, the Capacitance passive makes for a very survivable tank. Is it for everyone? Heck no. I would not be comfortable trying it on an tac escort, but for engineering and science vessels, yes I would be.
Look no offense but you seem to misunderstand the basics of tanking.

The reman shields and 3-piece set are utterly useless for tanking as a whole. Maybe against non-elite and regular mission mobs it does fine (but heck any shield does well in those) but for elite stfs and pvp its a joke.

It doesn't matter if the 3-piece bonus triggers in the first hit 100% of the times to boost your shield HP up by 50%... the shield has NO resists and a piss poor regen rate. The faction regen bonus barely makes it better in regen than a standard shield and in pvp and elite stfs the damage you're taking in far, far exceeds that of the regen amount per 6 seconds.

Also the duration of the shield buff proc is 30 secs not 1 minute.

1 in 10 hits to proc just once means you've taken an absurdly higher amount of damage than the shield hp you would be given for it. Without resists thats even worse.

You need shield resists to tank. For this, the best shield is the Maco since it has global 10% resist plus power leech.

The only ship this type of shield benefits is, contrary to your statement, an escort. They speed tank so they get hit a lot less than sci and engineering ships. In that situation a big buffer shield is more effective than resist-based shield defense.

I'll be frank here and after I read your post I equipped the reman on my voquv tank and tried it. It had been a year since I used it.. just to see if the changes really were that good.

Result: ISE, just facing the first cube and 2 spheres my shields were GONE in the opening minute. That never, ever happened with the KHG shield or any shield with resists (plasma specifically). In fact I wouldn't have even gone under 90% shields in that situation. But the reman just dropped to its knees faster than a white house intern.

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