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02-22-2013, 03:00 PM
For PvE, definitely try the mirror Qin!

For as little as 600k (exchange fluctuates between 600k and 800k, I think), you can add a perfectly viable alternative.

The thing with the Qin is, it offers noticeably more firepower, but with reduced manoevrability. It's also sturdier (more hull & shields) but less flexible than a BoP, in terms of roles and bridge officer layouts, obviously, but also in terms of playing styles. While the BoP is the wildcard that can flit around the battlefield being unpredictable, the Raptor handles like a crossing between a Fed escort and a KDF Battlecruiser. Also, it has a regular cloak, not a battlecloak: once you engage, you're committed until one of you bursts or evasives out of range.

Other than that: it has a lot of tac slots with the bare minimum of self-healing options, but man, is it a beast.

I tend to run mine with something like:
Tac team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1, Attack Pattern Omega 2, Cannon Rapid Fire 3 (or with these last two reversed, or even TT1, CRF 1 & 2 and AP:Beta3, with AP:Omega2 in the other lt cmdr slot)
Tac team 1, Torp High Yield 2, Attack Pattern Beta 2
Tractor beam 1, Hazard Emitters 2
Emergency Power to Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Emergency Power to Shields 1

A very simple build, but it's effective, for sure.

If you go full on energy (4 Dual Heavy's and 3 turrets) or add a single torp up front, you should be able to tear through elite sphere faster than your BoP could, because of the extra (energy weapon) tac console and turret. You just won't be able to slot, say, a gravity well to get that sphere's friends to stick around for the warp core explosion.

Edit: Just to be clear: I'm not advocating a choice for either one of them, but rather for both of them. Fly both, depending on your mood. I find I prefer the Raptor when I just want to wreck stuff fast and hard, and fly my BoP's when I'm more awake and alert, and want to play with my prey...

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