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02-22-2013, 03:14 PM
*Preston is speaking with D'rix in his quarters about the current situation*

Preston: Yes if I know Sam the rebel leaders won't be there..

D'rix: She is a cunning woman.. but doesn't have enough plan for this. Do you really want to make peace with them?

Preston: They will have to acknowledge me, so yes I do..

*Gyunei enters the room*

Preston: Has everything been prepared in the necessary order?

Gyunei: They have been sir. From what our spy tells us they are not all appearing.. there only via holo communications..

Preston: Hmm how taciturn of them..

Gyunei: But do not fret sir we have come to the problem aptly.. The traitor plans to show his true colors.

Preston: Good. Have him ready and divulge to us.

Gyunei: Your will my hands.

Preston: About the Baron Gyunei.. Do we have him in custody?

Gyunei: Kela has taken him in and what do you have in mind sir?

Preston: He will serve his purpose keep him at Angel Halo. He will serve the plan..

Gyunei: Very well sir.

D'rix: Gyunei has the traitor arrived here yet..

Gyunei: He is right out side..

*Emil enters the room*

Emil: I have been summoned ?

D'rix: Yes.. Tell me have you learned of the location of the rebel leaders.. and all of their hiding places?

Emil: I have mam.. I was told to set it up.

Preston: For all of them... ?

Emil: Yes sir. We had to work together... in that department..

Preston: Good.. Give all the coordinates to Gyunei and suit up yourself.. You will be handling one of mind.

D'rix: You both may go set up the orders.. Have Tal send a battle group to dispose of the other.