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02-22-2013, 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by astrospider View Post
It realy doesn't.

Let me give you the top STF dmg dealing set in this game.

Dreadnaught carrier.
Two sets of Elite Scorps. - do between 3.5 and 5k dps
Jem'Hadar 2 piece space set mxii - +13% Polaron dmg
OMEGA Deflector - +17.5 Targeting Systems
6 x Fleet advanced polaron beam arrays dmgx3 crth
Cutting Beam - + Power
Zero point module/Assimalted console/tacheo Kin = 2.76% crit
3 x Rom Tacs = 6% crit
4 x mk xii very rare polaron consoles
2x embassy plasma infused arrays = 2.5% chance to cause plasma dot

BFW 3 + BFW 2 >cannon rapid fire>scatter volley
BOA 3 + BOA 2 >cannon rapid fire(alpha strike)
Also with the BFW spec, when well positioned, is un beatable
2x PTW
1X Aux to Bat
1x hazard Ems
1x Transfer shield

Warfare specialist doff - +10% dmg
3x reduce attack patterns OR 3x buff applied based on battery used
1x reduce recharge on all batteries by 80%/100%

This is unbeatable. There isin't a escort in the game that can match the added dps of the carrier elite scorp wings. They might be able to match the boat, but there is nothing out there that compares to the JHAS wings or the elite scorps.

This is fact. If you would like to see at first hand. Hit me up in game and we will take you into ISE and show you.

Protocol37(in game name)
..actually, there is. Problem is parsers dont read it as high dps since it focuses on 1 ship at a time and kills it quick... your dps set up is geared towards playing the numbers and just spamming mostly ineffective aoe damage. AOE beams are for tanks not for killing..unless you get the target by itself and all beams go fire at will on that one target (kinda never happens).

Replace your weapons with:

1x dual beam array
1x hyper plasma torpedo
1x ferengi rockets

cutting beam
2x phased disruptor turrets (polaron+disruptor proc).

torpedo reduction timer doffs x2
beam attack reduction doffs x3

I'll leave the rest of the ship kit up to you.

Point is, you aim the ship's nose at whatever and let autofire and elite scorps do its job. placing high yield torps and BO3 constantly.

The super stacked plasma dots from the torps and the constant damage of ferengi rockets and elite scorp cannons basically obliterate targets 1 by one in very,very short time. If you use the recall-attack trick with the scorps you can make them fire high yields all the time too.