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02-22-2013, 04:43 PM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Again, though, there is one subset of the Community that would benefit from playable civilians in a big way and those are the Role-Players that don't need a pre-scripted "mission" for enjoyment.

For them, the emphasis is on drama, social interaction, and immersion. They just want a character to play. And sometimes, for the purposes of a story, you need to step outside of Starfleet.

Now is this an important "must have" feature for STO? No, probably not.
I totally get that, and I agree, it would be nice if there were more civ cloths to choose from - cloths that actually look 24th/25th century-esque without looking abnormal (some of the robe options are seriously a whole lot of WTF). At the same time, I have characters that even though they are on either side, aren't affiliated with the Fed or KDF. I still manage to get the clothing options to look less "uniform" and more "civie" or mercenary-like.

And I'm not even an RPer.

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